Services & Amenities

Play Area
Situated on Level 1 at the Western end of the Centre, near Gloria Jean’s Coffee. It is a soft, bright and fun play area for kids to explore while you relax on the surrounding chairs and enjoy a coffee.

Parents Room
Our Parents Room is equipped with a microwave, lounge, change tables and parent/child toilets. Our Parents Room is located on Level 1 down the corridor next to Fantastic Furniture.

Lost Property
If you think you may have lost something, you can report this at the Centre Management Office or phone 3209 3656. If you find something which someone else has lost, please bring this to the Centre Management Office, or hand it to a Cleaner or Security Guard. Centre Management collects and registers any lost and/or found items.

Wheelchair Availability
A wheelchair is available at Centre Management on Level 2. For more information please call 3209 3656 during office hours.

Go Get

Trouble getting that large item home? Can’t fit the shopping in the car? Haven’t got a car? No problem – GoGet to the rescue!

Two vans are parked in the car park Logan Super Centre. Click here to hire them